Vocational Rehabilitation Consulting

Vocational Rehabilitation is a process to identify your vocational abilities by assessing your transferable skills including interests, education, and work experience while considering your functional/cognitive limitations.

The goal of our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants is to facilitate a client’s return to suitable employment by providing them with the skills necessary to seek employment independently and compete in the labour market.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Vocational Evaluation

Through objective testing, a client’s interests, aptitudes and achievement levels are clarified. Alternative occupations based on the client profile and functional/cognitive limitations are identified for the client to consider.


Our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants can assist you in selecting appropriate courses/programs to increase your skills, following a motor vehicle accident. Funding for programs and school accommodations can be sourced to ensure success while retraining.

Labour Market Surveys

A Labour Market Survey is completed to determine the availability of specific work options for an individual, based on their medical restrictions/limitations and considering their education, training and experience.

Return to Work (RTW) Programs

Return to work planning involves a Rehabilitation Consultant coordinating the accommodation of an employee within the workplace based on their functional/psycho-social abilities. The goal is to facilitate a timely but safe return to gainful employment when possible after injury or impairment.

Job Search Training

A program which assists the client with developing cover letters, resumes, and completing job applications. With the support of a vocational consultant the client learns interview preparation/techniques and job search skills.

Job Coaching

Clients who have sustained significant brain injuries may require additional supports in the workplace. Our consultants can assist these individuals on the job, ensuring they fully understand their employer’s expectations and provide supports to ensure the employee is producing results that are timely and meeting quality expectations.

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