Vocational Rehabilitation is a process to identify a client’s vocational abilities by assessing their transferable skills including interests, education, and work experience while considering their functional/cognitive limitations. The goal is to facilitate the individual's return to suitable employment by providing him/her with the skills necessary to seek employment independently and compete in the labour market. Services include:

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) - A TSA is an analysis of the client's previous occupations, hobbies and interests to identify key task/activity components and skills for the determination of appropriate vocational alternatives. Transferable Skills Analysis examines the profile of the individual and compares it to appropriate vocational options.

Labour Market Surveys - A Labour Market Survey is completed by a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant. The outcome is to determine the availability of specific work options for an individual, based on their medical restrictions/limitations and considering their education, training and experience.

Return to Work (RTW) Programs - Return to work planning involves a Rehabilitation Consultant coordinating the accommodation of an employee within the workplace based on his/her functional/psycho-social abilities. The goal is to facilitate a timely but safe return to gainful employment when possible after disability.

Job Search Training - A program which assists the client develop cover letters, resumes, and complete job applications With the support of a vocational consultant the client learns interview preparation/techniques and job search skills.

Job Coaching – Clients who have sustained significant brain injuries may require additional supports in the workplace. Our consultants can assist these individuals on the job, ensuring they fully understand their employer’s expectations and assisting the employee in producing results that are timely, and meeting quality expectations.